Sophie and Owen

On Sophie’s hair trial, she was 9 months pregnant, about to drop and very uncomfortable. But still was her bright and cheerful self. When I arrived Sophie was unsure of what she wanted but “definitely wanted half up half down.” As she hadn’t decided, I told her I would do three styles, one down, one half up and one all up. Then she could see which she preferred.

Her mum brought in a stall for Sophie to sit on, “careful on that, your dad just put it together” her mum said ( in a strong Cornish accent). Only for Sophie to sit on it with something sharp sticking out the top! We laughed about how lucky she was that it didn’t break her waters!

After doing all the hair styles Sophie decided she in fact wanted her hair all up. Perfect!

That evening Sophie went into labour!!

Kerra did my hair for my big day and wow, she did an amazing job. She let me have a trail first before the wedding to see what sort of style I would prefer and on the day it was done to perfection. She made me feel really good and comfortable and even helped with my nerves.

She also done all 4 of my bridesmaids hair (all wanting different styles and all had different length hair) but Kerra gave them all a hair style they liked and everyone was very happy including myself.

I am very pleased I picked Kerra to do our hair as it made the start of the day brilliant…