The Wedding at Cape Cornwall Golf Club.

Hayley had a lovely trial with myself and a friend of mine before her wedding. She was very nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect. She didn’t usually wear make up or have her hair done so as a special treat we brought her some delicious locally made cakes. We stuck the kettle on and made her feel at ease.

I was in charge of doing Hayley’s make up, she was after something natural and not too heavy. As not to scare her off I played it very safe and did very light make up, soft browns, really natural. I then built it up after showing her each time. She ended up leaving with relatively heavy make up and false lashes on. I think its safe to say she is no longer make up shy

On Hayley’s wedding day again she was very nervous, so we put some music on and just chatted before overwhelming her with make up and hairspray. Ashleigh didn’t have lots of family getting ready with her, just her and her son. I stayed until the very end, helped her with her dress and her shoes, touched up the make up after a few tears. And then her dad came to collect her. That was my favourite moment, when he opened the door and saw his daughter In her dress, there was not a dry eye in the room.

In the following weeks we had a stream of updates from the honeymoon in Iceland! Hayley had some gorgeous photos from Dan Ward, who was a pleasure to work around.

“Kerra was so calming and friendly, the lovely makeover really made my wedding morning feel fun and special. We also spent time doing a pre-wedding makeover so Kerra got to know me and what I wanted for the big day. I felt really good and natural and the look lasted all day. Highly recommended, perfect start to a perfect day.”