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If you’re having a professional do your hair and make up.

Brows on flique – Get your eyebrows waxed about 1 week before. After waxing the skin can become red and spotty so don’t have them done too close to your big day.

Facials – We all know that planning a wedding is super stressful and all you want to do the night before your wedding is to be pampered and relax with a nice facial. Don’t do it, you will probably wake up with spots. Again do it the week before so your skin has time to clear itself.

Realistic make up – Your make up artist wants to enhance your natural beauty, not make you look like someone else. So although it’s good to have an idea of what you would like, don’t show them a picture of a celebrity and expect to look like that celebrity. Your fiancé is marrying you for a reason.

Keep it dirty! – If your hair is freshly washed, it makes it so much harder to put up and stay in place. 1 to 2 day old is perfect, it’s going to be covered in products anyway. You’ll need to wash it after your wedding anyway.

We don’t like it wet either! – Unless your having your hair blow dried, please don’t turn up with wet hair my lovelies. Unless you’re the bride, she can do what she likes its her day!

Plaster it on! – Don’t turn up to have your make-up done with make up already on. Sounds silly but so many people do it. If we have to remove make-up your face will probably be red and blotchy afterwards. So it will be difficult to judge what your make-up will look like after your face has calmed down.

Bipity Bopity Boo!

We have all seen those lovely hairstyles on Pinterest and Instagram that we all so bad want to have on our wedding day. Those looks are achievable because those models have loads of hair, great extensions and loads of time.

I’m not saying it’s not achievable for some brides to have but, if you have super thin, wispy hair we can not magic you loads of hair, but we can do something fab with what you have got!


If you are doing your own make up!

Firstly, you deserve to be pampered by a make up artist on your special day, so really consider it.

Secondly, black eyeliner on the inside of your waterline makes your eyes look smaller. Try a dark eye shadow under your lower lashes instead, this will make your eyes look bigger.

Thirdly, you do not need to co-ordinate your eyeshadow with the colour of the bridemaid dresses, or the colour of the flowers, or the colour of your mums car! If in doubt stick to soft brown shades and some mascara!

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