To veil or not to veil

By December 6, 2017 No Comments

I am all for a veil, I think the right one can really bring everything together. However there are things to consider when buying one.

Firstly, your dress. Does it have an incredible back that you want to show off. Because when you stand at the altar, your guests will be looking at your back for a long time. You need to look spectacular from behind too!

So if the dress has a fab rear view, choose a shorter veil.

Does your dress have lots of sparkle? A softer, subtler veil would allow the dress to be the showcase. However, if you’re going for a more is more look then bling it all.

If your dress has no sparkle, add some to the veil to catch the light as you walk passed your guests.

Secondly, your hair style.

Will your wedding barnet be completely hidden if you have a veil. As I hair dresser, I look for an alternative place to put the veil so the hair is still in view (selfishly showing of my work). But if you’re paying to get your hair done, why hide it from everyone. Get your stylist to make sure it can be put either at the base of your neck, or somewhere the hair will still wow.

Another option, is to just wear a crown and everyone will know you are the queen of the day.

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